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  • What does a program membership include?
    Program membership includes access to all content for initial and recurrent certification courses for the Certified Flight Coordinator (CFC). All content is comprehensive and interactive and is updated as needed in order to be keep up current to standards and protocols.
  • How do I obtain Certified Flight Coordinator (CFC) Certification?
    The CFC Certification requirement includes 20 initial mandatory modules and a final assessment. After certification is obtained, you will then complete 3 CFC continuing education requirements per year. When CE's are available you will receive an email notification. If you were prior CFC Certified before becoming a CommLink member, completing a minimum of 3 modules per year; (one module every 4 months) will satisfy your continuing education requirements. Although you may complete as many modules as you would like above the required amount; we suggest going through all of the modules as it is always good to practice your skills.
  • What do I receive after I have completed the required CFC Courses?
    After completion of the 20 required CFC modules, you will take a final assessment; one the assessment is completed with a passing score of 75% you will be able to download and save or print your CFC certificate. An official CFC Certificate will also be mailed to you along with a CommLink CFC Certified Wing Pin. After you have completed your CFC certification, your profile will display a CFC Badge (see below)
  • Is CommLink learning content and CFC certification in line with accreditation?
    Yes! All content contains mandatory course subjects required by Critical Care Air & Ground Accrediting organizations.
  • Do Communications Specialists need to re-certify every year?
    Great question! CommLink recertification modules are continually updated and being added to our library every 4 months. When continuing education modules are added to the library, users will be notified an email and will have 4 months to complete the assignment. As users stay current on their modules, their certification will stay current as well.
  • How often are membership dues payable?
    Your organization will be billed once a year for full membership benefits. Cost is dependent on the number of users you would like to register (see below) . Membership includes all initial certification and continuing education and forum membership at no extra cost to your organization. 1-10 Users $2000 per year , 1st year introductory price $1800 11-20 Users $3000 per year - 1st year introductory price $2700 21-30 Users $4000 per year - 1st year introductory price $3600 31+ Users $5000 per year - 1st year introductory price $4500
  • Our organization could use education in a specific topic that we don't see listed.
    Contact us to discuss your requested topic and we will connect you with our Education Content Team to design a module that fits your needs. This request component is included in your organization's membership at no extra cost.
  • Can my organization make arrangements to make quarterly or monthly payments?
    Payment arrangements can be made by emailing us your request. Payment arrangements are not available with promotion or introductory rates. Contact us for more info.
  • What if a user leaves our organization?
    Please email us at to let us know if someone leaves your organization so we can remove them from your Membership Account. The user is able to switch over to a per user cost outside of your organization if they want to stay current on their CFC.
  • I am not affiliated with a member program, do you offer individual memberships?
    You bet, c'mon aboard! Contact Us for more information.
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