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FAA Change in NOTAM Acronym Definition

Recent discussion have brought about the interest of Communications Specialists to understand that change in the Definition of the NOTAM acronym.

In December 2021 the FAA announced that the former “Notice to Airmen” would now be “Notice to Air Missions.”

In FAA order 7930.2S The FAA outlines the change: “The following changes are made to align the order with current NOTAM policies/processes and to ensure compliance with ICAO standards and contractions,” says the Order’s Explanation of Changes. “These changes include modifying the acronym NOTAM from Notice to Airmen to the more applicable term Notice to Air Missions.”

Some members of the pilot community have taken to social media to mock the change: but it represents an important ongoing effort by the FAA to modernize their language and systems to accomodate a variety of flyers and aircraft.  “Air Mission” is not only gender neutral, but also more accurately describes drone operations – and the operation of other aircraft possibly as yet undefined.

While some pilots may feel the change is unimportant, neutral terms confirm potential and possibility to students and people interested in joining the industry. “Words matter. As an attorney, I’ve said this throughout my career,” says Dawn Zoldi, CEO of P3Tech Consulting. “This seemingly small acronym change can have big impacts on how women and young girls  perceive their potential roles in an aviation industry that deliberately and intentionally welcomes all people. I’m proud of the FAA for making this change and hope others will follow their example in fostering inclusivity.”


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